Innovation and Agility

   Key Takeaways

This course will teach you how to:

  • Approach innovation as something accessible to everyone, not just the “geniuses” of the organization
  • Examine why being comfortable with the status quo is the beginning of the end of the business
  • Identify ways to get the creative juices flowing and get everyone engaged
  • Change organizational structures and practices that have hindered speed
  • Increase agile without going off track from the core mission of the organization

    Who Should Take This Course?

This is designed for senior managers and leaders who want to unlock the potential in their teams. If you appreciate that remaining static won’t work, but you need tools and ideas to build an organization that is more nimble and creative, this is the course for you. Innovation and agility are not solo activities. The more brains you can get into the game, the better equipped you’ll be the face the future head-on.