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Drive Immediate Results.

Great managers aren’t born. They’re made. Introducing the Welch Way Management Training Program. A training program utilized by over 240 companies and more than 20,000 employees that makes it fast and easy to go from learning—to doing.

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The Team with the Best Players Wins.

Make your team the place to be. Gain a set of proven tools and actionable practices that can be applied immediately to improve productivity and leadership skills.

The Welch Way difference

Find out how the Welch Way drives fast, immediate action and delivers tangible results.
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Relevant and Content-Rich Courses

Each of our 8 self-paced courses provide mission-critical management skills.
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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Our exclusive partnership with lets you or your people learn wherever and whenever they want.
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About Welch Way
Welch Way is the only management training program that delivers battle-tested business techniques that can be put into action immediately. As one of the most successful business leaders of all time, Jack Welch's legacy is built on motivating people, getting results, and helping organizations win. This program gives you or your team everything needed to do the same—and do it now.

Welch Way Benefits

Timeless Teachings

Welch Way was personally developed by Jack to help your team learn the distinct performance- and people-driven management methodology that made him an icon of global business and has influenced thousands of today’s top companies.

Immediate Applicability

Welch Way is designed to deliver top management performance—and deliver it today. With everything they learn, students get powerful, step-by-step instructions for putting their new skills into practice and getting the most out of their people.

Personalized, Interactive Learning

Working in partnership with Sophia—the most impactful and engaging online learning platform—Welch Way allows students to work at their own pace, on their own time and from almost any web-enabled device.

Are you ready to grow your team?

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." Jack Welch

Course information

Welch Way offers a fast, flexible, richly interactive approach to online training. Whether you’re looking to improve your individual skillset or providing training opportunities to your team, this program makes students want to lean in and engage with the skills and ideas that will make an immediate impact on their work.

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Select from one of the 8 courses that upskill your team and increase their performance:

Practice great leadership principles that drive performance.
  • Establish mission and values that define how to win
  • Cultivate a culture of candor to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Create a performance culture through differentiation
  • Generate productive communication and good ideas
Cut through the complexities of strategy development.
  • Understand the macro and micro aspects of strategy development
  • Develop a clear and actionable plan
  • Implement a winning strategy
  • Evaluate and adjust existing strategies to maximize impact
Improve operational efficiency to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Evaluate your operations and uncover deficiencies in your supply chain
  • Develop concrete steps to improve the efficiency of your operation
  • Manage the process of implementing operational changes
Learn to manage people effectively to bring out the best performance.
  • Hire, fire, and promote to build the strongest possible team
  • Find employees’ strengths and help them maximize their potential
  • Use differentiation to motivate and manage the team to deliver the behaviors needed to achieve the company’s mission
Gain proficiency in business finance as a non-finance professional.
  • Understand the language of business finance
  • Learn the basics of accounting and financial processes
  • Build and manage budgets and business plans
Learn to design and implement a successful change initiative.
  • Properly identify the need for change
  • Define the right scope of the change
  • Get the right teams and processes in place
  • Make sure that the change lasts
Break patterns of stagnation and find ways to add value by solving problems faster and moving to execute changes faster.
  • Dispels myths of what innovation really is
  • Learn a systematic method to gather new ideas
  • Presents practical steps that can help you build a nimble adaptive organization
Suitable for individual contributors and for those who have not yet stepped into a management role, this course provides straightforward guidance on how to grow professionally.
  • Learn what it takes to drive the organization forward
  • How to align your activities to the mission and strategy of the organization
  • Classic pitfalls to avoid as you grow in your career
  • How to communicate effectively and with confidence

Your game plan for success.

Each of our 8 self-paced Welch Way courses requires a total time investment of 8–10 hours and is divided into several modules. Within each course module, participants advance through a simple, four-step process that ultimately gives them a playbook to help them put mission-critical leadership concepts into action immediately.

Follow Steps

1 Keynote from Jack
Every section begins with a brief video from Jack. He introduces the key topics and highlights the proven practices that will drive your team and your organization to stronger performance.
2 Guiding Questions
Next, guiding questions get you thinking about the material ahead. You’re asked to focus on each one, and then conduct a quick self-assessment of your current skills before you dive in.
3 Core Content
From there, you immerse yourself in the core content of the section. You get detailed insights into Jack’s principles and practices, and you start to see how his teachings apply directly to your work.
4 Playbook*
Finally, get actionable steps and tools for deploying the new learned skills. As students advance through each section of the Welch Way, they’ll build a custom Playbook that will help maximize productivity.
*The Playbook includes:
  • Takeaways that help you translate Jack’s teachings into the context of your own organizational challenges.
  • A plan of action for implementing your new management skills and tracking your progress along the way.
  • Game pages that provide step-by-step instructions for managing your people.
Program Enhancements

Customize the program for your organization.

Private Cohorts*

Private cohorts allow for protected discussion questions, and for course schedules tailored exclusively for your team.

Support for Interactive Group Sessions*

Coach's and Facilitator’s Guidebooks are available to help managers and other leaders host interactive sessions for each section of the course to ensure participants stay on pace, relate the courses to their work, and learn from one another.

Analytics & Reporting*

Monitor, assess, and evaluate compliance via a custom analytics portal that features tools and reporting functions that give your company 24/7 statistics.

Account Manager*

Your organization will be provided a dedicated account manager who will be available to the group administrator and participants to assist with technical support, implementation logistics, resource coordination, and more.

*Included at no additional charge to all corporate purchases over 50 seats.

Dedicated Customer Portal**

We can create a custom portal for your organization branded with your logo, corporate colors, messaging, and images.

Assessment Advisor**

Welch Way can help you evaluate the impact of the training system every quarter with an assessment advisor who will schedule meetings and provide reports.

**Included at no additional charge to all corporate purchases over 150 seats.

Configurable Learning Activities***

Course assignments and discussions can be configured to help participants make the connection between Welch Way teachings and key strategic initiatives, and/or other leadership development or training programs used at your organization.

Faculty Support***

The faculty, consultants and trainers at the Jack Welch Management Institute are among the best in the world. With decades of senior-level management expertise and world-class academic credentials, this is a valuable extension to the Welch Way program. Faculty support is available to monitor and lead discussions, answer participant questions, and even conduct live training sessions and workshops for program participants and executive leadership teams.

***Available at an additional charge for enterprise-wide purchases.